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Welcome to the Essie Faye Collection.  Here we aim to provide clothing options with intention. Each item has a distinct message and custom design. Essie Faye Products are high quality, provide comfort, and express your unique style, and values. 

Essie Faye Collection was established February 5, 2022 by founder, Essie Faye Taylor. Essie is passionate about her love for the Lord and the Gospel Message. She is sincere about spreadig the love of Christ to others and healing others through love's power. Each product on our site was made with our diverse customers and community in mind. All are welcome here. Take a look around. I hope that you like what you see.

Hi, I'm Essies, lover of God and lover of people. I also LOVE a nice comfy and fashionable tee--especiallally one that's costume designed and expresses my values. I'm an entrepreneur, educator, music artist, writ, minister, wife, daughter, and sister. I wear many hats. My hope is to inspire and encourage in all that I do. I pray that you feel the sincerity and love in every piece.

Take Care, 

Essie Faye  

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